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Price: $15.00

Rest Easy Guided Relaxation CD

In our busy lives, it can be very beneficial to slow down, take a few minutes to listen to our bodies, to relax. Even just simple breathing techniques have been shown to help reduce stress. Rest Easy offers three differnt relaxation routines. The first teaches you how to breathe slowly and with awareness. The second is a body visualization that helps you consiciously relax each part of your body, and the third is a color visualization, which focuses on the color spectrum instead of the body. Enjoy the Zen-like Japanese flute music by Tilopa in the background, compliments of Magnatune.

Take this time to go inside yourself, take a mini-vacation from the stresses of your daily life, and relax.

Introduction: 1:08 minutes
Breathe Easy: 3:00 minutes
Body Visualization: 10:24 minutes
Color Visualization: 12:58 minutes

Written and voiced by Shoosh Crotzer